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Chemical Wash & Overhaul

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    Chemical Wash & Overhaul

    Aircon Chemical Wash is the wash of the cooling fan-curl unit utilising aircon chemical specialist. When aircon typical overhauling is lacking to improve its condition or capacities. We at that point suggest washing your Aircon with chemical. Chemical wash includes eliminating the outside cover and utilising aircon chemical specialist to wash the evaporator curl.

    Aircon chemical washing involves the spraying of chemicals and water onto the FCUs (fan coil units) to sanitise and clean the dust, dirt and bacteria that has accumulated over time. It is a thorough cleaning process that achieves much better results than a normal cleaning job will do.

    What Is The Difference Between Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul?
    The main difference is in the process. Chemical overhaul dismantles the entire unit, including the motherboard, with high water pressure. In contrast, chemical wash cleans the evaporator coil by removing the cover.

    What we will do:

    • Dismantle of fancoil unit
    • Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
    • Use Chemical Solution wash the water tray, fan blower, coil
    • Vacuuming of drainage system
    • Wash the Filter
    • Test run system
    • Checking of all setting

    Benefits Of Aircon Chemical Washing & Overhaul

    No Foul Smell After All Dirt Are Removed
    Aircon chemical wash removes the foul smell from air conditioners, both the old and new ones.

    Less Irritation For People Who Has Sensitive Nose
    Allergies and asthma worsen with environmental odors like pollution, smoke, and pet smells, causing coughing fits and long-term health harm.

    Prevent Water From Leaking
    Not only do common aircon problems cause high power bills, but they can lead to excess condensation as well that can lead to severe aircon water leaks.

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    Signs That Your Aircon Require A Chemical Overhaul

    The Air is Not Cold Anymore

    If your unit feels warmer, dust and dirt may be clogging internal components. Consider an aircon chemical overhaul for proper functioning.

    There Is Condensation Leaking

    Regardless of the cause of your aircon’s water leaks, it is advisable to resolve them through an aircon chemical overhaul.

    Bad Odour Being Emitted

    Regular aircon cleaning prevents bacterial growth and foul smells. Conduct an aircon chemical overhaul promptly for a fresh-smelling unit.

    The Power of Chemical Washing and Overhaul

    Maintain your air conditioning unit for optimal performance. If you experience issues like temperature problems, increased energy use, or odd noises, a chemical wash is essential. This process, using a chemical-based solution, disassembles and thoroughly cleans the system, ensuring smoother airflow, reduced condensation, and improved efficiency.

    Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a buildup of oil, dust, and dirt, affecting performance. Our EC Aircon technicians carefully clean all parts with a specialized mixture, leaving your unit functioning like new for better air quality and energy savings.

    Why Hire Us For Chemical Wash and Overhaul Services?

    Choose our services for chemical wash and overhaul because our skilled technicians use advanced cleaners to thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit, promoting better efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Our comprehensive overhaul addresses issues like algae buildup and condensation, leaving your unit in top condition for cost savings and reliable results. We prioritize convenience, providing hassle-free maintenance for improved performance and longevity.

    Case Study 1

    Chemical wash for 15 nos Air curtains at Raffles City center.

    Case Study 2

    Our experts performed a chemical wash and overhaul for an underperforming aircon in Aljunied. We sprayed chemicals and water onto the FCUs (fan coil units) to sanitise and clean the dust, dirt and bacteria that has accumulated over time.

    Before And After Chemical Wash & Overhaul

    Chemical Overhaul Process
    (Video Gallery)

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